The mainstream teachings of personal transformation tell us to slay our demons, to kill our shadow – so we can live a life of a Hero, the dragon slayer.

When we have climbed the mountain, achieved our goals and conquered our wild, uncontrollable part – when we have ordered our psyche into a neatly controlled structure – we have arrived at the end of the path. Then, we are told, have we become who we should have become. Then we can rest, in flow.

That path is based on a belief that something is wrong with our wild part, the mystical element that ALL of us have, waiting to be activated … pulsing deep in our bones.

This is your Fifth Element.

It’s wild. It’s sacred. And it’s waiting to be discovered. It’s waiting for you to create pure art from it by turning energy to matter by command, to build the life of your wildest dreams along the way. This is the true source of your magic. This is the source of your potential that transcends all human limitations.

This is the source of your hidden abilities.

The source of pure euphoria.

It’s time to build your own spiritual empire from


Eva Lepik

Hi, my name is Eva and I’m the creator of Supreme Empires.

I’m a Dark Catalyst and Oracle.

I’m known for making even the most complex teachings about energy and consciousness simple and practical.

 Through shattering the old paradigms and decoding the rules of creation I help my clients unlock their fifth element, so they can wake up to their true self and create extraordinary experiences in all areas of their life. It can be wealth. It can be clients. It can be relationships. It can be health.

If you seek a higher truth and a way to unlock your divine potential, you’re welcome to my world of codes, energy and pure creation.