Awaken Your Magic

A Thousand Years of Longing

No food satisfies your hunger.

No liquid can quench your thirst.

The discomfort grows stronger. The whisper louder.

It demands to be seen, but where to point your gaze? It insists to be heard, but what to listen for? From the depth of your being something immensely powerful is drawing you in with a strength that you cannot ignore.

You are doing more of what calls you. It’s wonderful and you’re good at it, but still… There’s a longing in your body. Asking for something bolder, deeper, more meaningful than the now.

From the depth of your soul a question arises – is there something I’m missing here – something relevant that would be the answer to questions I don’t even know I have?

Am I who I’m meant to be? Is that the life I’m supposed to live? Or is there more?

Your Hunger is Pure

There’s a hidden story, an ability in you that when used will bring you everything you desire. This is your superpower that makes all your dreams come true. Massive wealth, extreme luxury, deepest love, excellent health, euphoria from the life you create. Magic beyond imagination.

You have always known it should be possible. Finding the way is what’s been hidden.

The hidden realm of your mystical codes is at your fingertips.

They hold the key to the Myth of your life.


Irrationally Deep Mastermind

From April 11 to May 26

Red Myth Mastermind is a cocoon where I will open the connection to your mystical codes that are inscribed in your bones – when activated and owned, these become your superpower, your Aladdin’s lamp.

Embodying these codes in real life is the true path of your spirit, taking you to irrational levels of luxury and magical growth in any area of your life – to live the story you were born for. To turn it to matter.


€ 27 000

For 5 future energy masters to awaken their myth – to bring their spirit reality to the world of matter and own their taste for unearthly luxury.


Eva Lepik

I am known for opening people’s hidden potential with extreme precision and ease, in no-time.

I’m a Codecaster for mystics who are hungry for finding out their true nature and closing the gaps in their life – to be free and fulfilled to new extents.

Three years ago I took a turn in my life and dedicated myself fully to mastering my energy and teaching this skill to other people – opening my full potential and resolving the non-functional patterns I’d had for decades.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of creatives and impact makers to find out their true nature, to bring their mystical part into material world – closing the gap between the two realms that have been separated for ages.

When you unlock your hidden, mystical part, your wildest dreams become not only possible to manifest – they become self-fulfilling prophecies.

It’s time to awaken your Myth.