Starts on April 8

3-months Experience to Free Your Business from Human Limitations.

Your Business is Born to be Divine

You know you are not limited by human rules of business building when you feel free and expansive and creation is easy for you.

If this is not the case for you right now it is because of limiting rules in your consciousness.

These are paradigms that tell you what is possible and what is not, what works and what doesn’t. They are hidden in your system, masked to be truth itself, so you don’t even question them.

But only, until you expose them and unleash your power to create.

You are a limitless Creator.

Your business is a vessel through which you can fulfil your biggest desires, and make your divine essence through products, services and experiences available to the rest of the world. Pure euphoria and flow of money are guaranteed when you make your business PURE. This is when you elevate not only yourself, but also your clients to their next level.

When you move into pure state, the divine is communicating with you, every moment.

It shows you one step at a time what, when and how to create, activating our power to create.

Here you have divine CLARITY, a knowing, exactly when you need it to make the next move.

Here everything that you birth through your business and in your life is going to elevate the world and be profitable. This is you in your truest power, accessing the codes of Creation. 

To use your divine potential you need to give up the human rules of creation.

There are rules about idea generation, rules about design and product development, rules about marketing, pricing and selling, rules about team building, rules about delivery. Rules about time and timing. Rules about management of money. Rules about potential and human abilities.

In UNCONVENTIONAL we are going to expose the human rules in all areas of your business, that currently are limiting it’s true form and growth. So you can free yourself and your business. So you can stream your purest essence into the 3D world without feeling limited.

This 3 month experience is an energetic vessel in which you will transform yourself, the Creator of the business, to your higher version. And by that ascend your business to its unlimited divine form.

There will be live masterclasses where you will expose your limiting rules with precision theme by theme, deep hot-seat sessions in a small group where we will unlock your power to create right there on the call, and an intimate support group for asking questions and getting answers from me during these 3 months. All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to replays.

The experience ends with a 5-day UNEARTHLY Retreat in a luxury destination where you will physically land in your new state of being, a higher frequency, as a divine Creator of your business.

Starts on April 8

Price 60 000€ with full payment

Payment plan: 3 x 22 000€ every 30 days.

Only 6 spots available

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